Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Counselling begins with a professional, who is trained in the concerned field, taking a journey with the counselee into discovering themselves. First helping the students know themselves better – their ideas, locus of control, motivational factors, etc. Thereafter, enabling the student to explore options and finally give shape to the journey towards the goal.

The careers of today are witnessing a dynamic change. Both students and professionals are facing regular challenges. The bright side is that as some fields lose their sheen, many new ones explode onto the scene and gain prominence. For a budding career professional or students however, it is quite a daunting challenge to decide which skill sets would make them an asset in the job market. This is where a trained and certified career counsellor can make the tables turn.

The career counselling process begins with an establishment of trust between the counsellor and the student. Trust is the bedrock upon which this rapport between the two is built. It is not easy for the student to initially open to the counsellor. The student has to feel comfortable in the presence of the counsellor to talk, perceive and discuss his/her concern.

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